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What is Masking Subdomain and Does Masking Subdomains Can Impact Your SEO

What exactly is masking subdomain and does masking subdomain can impact your SEO? Get all answers here!

About Masking Subdomain

Masking your domain name or your subdomain is also known as manually forwarding. Everyone can mask their domains or subdomains by consulting with their domain registrar first. Usually, there are instructions on the official websites of the domain registrars so you can see how the whole process goes.

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So what manually forwarding actually means?

It means that you will automatically direct the visitors from your primary domain to a totally different website. Masking subdomains or manually forwarding prevents visitors from seeing your website and your domain name by keeping the domain in the address bar of the web browser.

If you want to mask your domain name or your subdomain, you must use these steps:

  • Login to your account
  • Choose Manage (it is next to Domains)
  • Select the domain name or the subdomain you want to mask
  • Click Forward and then Forwarding Domains
  • Click Add Forwarding
  • Select http:// or https:// as your Forward to function
  • Add the URL you want to forward your domain to
  • Select the Redirect type – 301 Permanent or 302 Temporary
  • Select the Forward Settings
  • Click Add and then Save

Please keep in mind that these steps may differentiate from one domain registrar to another, by they are generally the same. If you have additional questions, you can consult with your domain registrar.

How Masking Subdomains Can Impact Your SEO

Now that you know what masking subdomains is, you probably have heard that it isn’t a very good idea.

The main problem with domain masking or manually forwarding is that it creates duplicate content in Google and other search engines. Google would detect the two domains (the main domain and the masking domain) as the same content. As Google identifies these two domains as duplicates it usually decides to serve one domain over the other. In most of the cases, this is not the result you want.

In other words, it is not possible to establish an online presence for two domains that present the same content. Even though there is no real penalty from Google, the negative outcome is negative SEO. We recommend you to avoid domain masking for now as you will negatively affect your SEO presence.

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